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B Club Rides

Meet at Thornes Park Car Park Denby Dale Road (Location Map)

Rides begin at 8:30am in summer and 9:00am in winter (usually ties in with BST).

What to Expect

Average speed is 15 to 17 mph (25 to 27 kmph) depending on the terrain.

Ride distances are between 50 and 75 miles (80 and 120 km).

Cafe stop at around half distance with a final stop at local Wakefield area pub (details are included in each individual ride in the schedule below).

Occasionally, the route might be changed from the one listed, particularly when the ride is unsuitable for the weather conditions.

Group Riding Technique

It is important that all those planning to participate in a ride read the group riding technique page  and make themselves familiar with the key points this covers. This will help ensure everyone enjoys the ride to the maximum. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask a more experienced member of the group - they will be happy help and give you any guidance you need. 

What kind of rider are you?

Do you have a good base of fitness?

Are you riding regularly and can cover 50+ miles (80+ km) at the ride pace of 15 to 17 mph (25 to 27 km/h)?

Are you riding regularly over mixed (hilly and flat) terrain?

What to expect

These rides are not suitable for those new to cycling or occasional leisure cyclists. The club runs other rides on Sundays and through the week which provide opportunity to build up distance and speed and gain experience of group riding.

No one will get abandoned but there is a range of ability in the group so riders might fall off the pace at times, particularly on hillier rides. We will slow the pace or wait at suitable points to regroup.

If you find the pace is too high please SPEAK UP so the speed can be adjusted or the route altered to get you home safely.

Do not underestimate the fitness required to ride in a group at 15 to 17 mph (25 to 27 km/h) 50+ miles (80+ km).

Please familiarise yourself with the routes in advance of the rides and if possible upload the route onto your GPS device.

2020 Ride Calendar

Full 2020 B Ride Calendar

The full 2020 B Ride Calendar can be viewed here.