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Sturgess League Explain

The Summer Series and Sturgess Leagues are based on the best 10 performances of riders competing in the Calder Summer Series 10 mile Time Trials. The Summer Series League is open to all competitors, the Sturgess League includes Calder Clarion

riders only.


For rides done in the summer 10 TT series only, each rider's handicap is calculated by subtracting the riders best race time, of the current and previous season, from 24 minutes. The handicap is then subtracted from the riders actual time in the current event to calculate the handicap time.
The rider with the fastest handicap time receives 60 points, the next fastest 59 and so on. Riders with no previous time take 1 point and their time becomes their best time to be used in calculating their handicap in subsequent TT rides.


The points gained are added up weekly to maintain a League Table with the best 10 scores counting towards the league overall total

The rider with the biggest overall points total over the series is the winner of the Summer Series League and the Sturgess Ttrophy League is for Calder Clarion Riders only who have gained points in the Summer Series League.


An example.

3 Cyclists do the first 2 events.

Event 1
1. A.Brown 23.50
2 A.Green 25.40
3 A.Black 29.59

A.Brown has no time in this or last season. A.Green did 24.30 last season and A.Black's previous fastest time is 31.20 done last year.

A.Brown takes 1 point because he has no previous time and his 23.50 becomes his fastest time.

A Green's handicap is 24.00 - 24.30 = minus 30 seconds. His handicap time is 25.40 minus 30 seconds (actual time minus handicap) which is 25.10.

A.Black's handicap is 24.00 - 31.20 = minus 7.20. His handicap time is 29.59 minus 7.20 which is 22.39.


So the Handicap Result is:
1 A.Black   22.39   60 points
2. A Green 25.10   59 points
3. A.Brown no handicap 1 point


phil winterbourne trib