Ride Captains

A  Rides 

Dean Kemp

Gary Phillis

B  Rides  

David Price     07779 333121

C  Rides   

John & Carolyn Stead

Ladies  Rides  

Fran Cotton 07971 341702

Vets Wednesday Ride 

Simon Law


Transition Rides

Lucie Jones

What to Expect

On the details link for any of the rides, you will find what to expect and what kind of rider you need to be to be able to participate within your 'comfort zone'.

You should find rides suitable for you. We do ask all those planning to participate in any of the rides to read the group riding technique page.

Rules. Under 18s

Calder Clarion Cycling Club welcomes membership from anyone interested in cycling. We do however recognise the additional care and responsibilities required for those riders under the age of 18.


We require that parents or guardians of those over 12 and under 18 wishing to participate in any club rides abide by the rules outlined below and where appropriate complete the parental consent form. We base our rules on the guidelines issued by British Cycling.


Rules for U18s




Your Safety

You are responsible for your individuals take part in any group activities safety, at their own risk.


Calder Clarion & its members accept no responsibility for the safety of anyone participating in group rides and runs, and no liability in the event of an accident.

Riding Safely


We strongly encourage members to take advantage of the Clarion's reduced cost CTC 3rd party insurance or make similar insurance arrangements for example with British Cycling