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Hill Climb Champs 2016

PsnCyclistClubAgeCatStd PointsStandardTime
1Holden MarkCalder ClarionM4032.16Gold02:53
2Degnan SteveWakefield CCM5033.25Gold02:56
3Sproston RobFeatherstone RCM4030.72Gold03:01
4Padwell RichardCalder ClarionMSn27.34Silver03:08
5Connellan AdamWakefield TriathlonMSn27Silver03:09
6Grainger JamesWakefield CCM4530Gold03:10
7Burton RossCalder ClarionM4027.34Silver03:13
7Mallinson RyanCalder ClarionMSn25.67Silver03:13
9Morgan RichardCalder ClarionM4027Silver03:14
10Hancock SteveCalder ClarionM5028.34Silver03:20
10Spittlehouse AndrewCalder ClarionM4526.67Silver03:20
12Shepherd TonyHolmfirth WheelersM4524Silver03:28
13Roberts PeterCalder ClarionM4523.34Silver03:30
14Colley MarkCalder ClarionM5024.67Silver03:31
15Goldsborough JamesHCTB CCM4017.67Bronze03:42
16Watkins AndyHCTB CCM4017.34Bronze03:43
17Smith LewisCalder ClarionMJv18.34Bronze03:45
18North ChrisRavensthorpe CCM5019.34Bronze03:47
19Smith JohnCalder ClarionM5018.67Bronze03:49
20Plumstead ClareCalder ClarionLSn30.83Gold03:54
21Wright (Trike) GaryFeatherstone RCM5016Bronze03:57
21James LorienCalder ClarionMSn11Bronze03:57
23Hopkins MikeCalder ClarionM6019.34Bronze04:02
24Reid JonnyCalder ClarionM4511.67Bronze04:05
25Lee PaulCalder ClarionM5012.67Bronze04:07
26Kitching HollyCalder ClarionLJn29.67Silver04:11
27O'Connor CarolCalder ClarionL5033.33Gold04:12
28Penty TomCalder ClarionMSn6.81Club04:23
29Gibson CarlCalder ClarionMSn5.28Club04:34
30Smith FranCalder ClarionL4522.67Silver04:42
31Smith AlexRavensthorpe CCLSn14Bronze04:48
32Elliot JohnCalder ClarionMJv3.33Club05:00

photographs by Phil Winterbourne.

Mark Holden Calder Men's Hill Climb Champion

Clare Plumstead Calder Women's Hill Climb Champion

Mark Holden won the Calder Clarion 2016 men's Hill Climb Championship on the 1100 metre Woolley Edge Climb (Dennington Lane which changes to Woolley Low Moor Lane). Average Gradient 7%, max 18% for 170 metres. Mark had 15 seconds to spare over surprise package Richard Padwell who finished 5 seconds ahead of Ross Burton and Ryan Mallinson who tied for 3rd place.

Clare Plumstead, riding her first Hill Climb, took the Women's championship, also with 15 seconds to spare over promising junior Holly Kitching who just edged third place Carol O'Connor by 1 second.


Both Mark Holden and Clare Plumstead also won the Open Hill climb. Wakefield CCs Steve Degnan produced a terrific ride as an over 50 missing 1st place by just 3 second. Featherstone RC's Rob Sproston took 3rd place


In the Women's Open, Calder riders filled the first 4 places with Fran Smith 4th with an excellent ride to hold a 6 second margin over Ravensthorpe CC's Alex Smith.


On Standard, Carol O'Connor produced the ride of the event with 33.33 points giving her a Gold, just ahead of Steve Degnan with 33.25 (gold) and Mark Holden with 32.16. Other Gold Standard rides, in order, were Clare Plumstead's 30.83, Rob Sproston, Featherstone RC 30.75 and Wakefield CC's James Grainger with 30.00


Silver rides were achieved by Holly Kitching 29.67, Steve Hancock 28.34 Richard Padwell 27.34, Ross Burton 27.34, Adam Connellan Wakefield Triathlon 27.00, Richard Morgan 27.00, Andrew Spittlehouse 26.67 Ryan Mallinson 25.67 Mark Colley 24.67, Tony Shepherd 24.00, Peter Roberts 23.34 & Fran Smith 22.67


Bronze rides were achieved by Chris North Ravensthorpe 19.34, Mike Hopkins 19.34 John Smith 18.67, Lewis Smith 18.34, James Goldsborough 17.67 Watkins Andy HCTB CC 17.34 Gary Wright Featherstone RC 16.00, Alex Smith 14.00, Paul Lee 12.67, Jonny Reid 11.67 & Lorien James 11.00.


Club Standard Rides were achieved by Tom Penty 6.81, Carl Gibson 5.28 and John Elliot 3.33. 32 riders completed the climb, 22 were Calder Clarion riders.