Clams Rides

From October to April both Men and Women's rides combine as the Calder Ladies and Men ride (CLAM)

from Thornes Park Denby Dale Road Car Park 6:30

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These rides average 13 to 15 mph over mixed terrain.
What kind of rider are you?
• You regularly ride 28 miles in 2 hours over mixed terrain.
• You have a good base of fitness
What to expect
• cohesive group ride with opportunities to chat to club mates.
• There are frequent changeovers on the front but the ride is not a race and the two riders on the front should not be overtaken.
• The group will aim to accommodate a reasonable range of abilities, No one will get abandoned but riders can get dropped. if this happens
the group will wait and regroup.
• If you find the pace too high please SPEAK UP so the speed can be slowed.For those significantly slower than the general group pace
you may have to navigate your own way home unless you are lost in which case someone will guide you to a familiar location.