C Rides

Ride Calendar January to April 2019

31 Mar Harry's Womersley, Eggborough Crown Garden Centre 62 1879 Route
7 Apr Ossett Tap Slaithwaite Bolster Moor 50 3463 Route
14 Apr Star Tadcaster The Lemon Tree 59 2100 Route
21 Apr Harry's Birkin ACW via Womersley Birkin Fisheries 65 2232 Route
28 Apr Cricketers Langsett Spotty Café 40 2900 Route


Calder C rides May to Dec


All destinations to be decided at the start, on the day. No pick up points on these runs. Rides begin at 8:30am, 13 - 15 mph average depending on the terrain. 30-50 miles. Meet at Thornes Park Car Park.

What kind of rider are you?

• You are riding regularly and have built up enough fitness to ride 30 miles in two and a half hours.
• You have a good base of fitness

What to expect

• These rides are not suitable to those new to cycling or occasional leisure cyclists. No one will get abandoned but riders can get dropped particularly on mixed terrain. If this happens the group will wait and regroup.
• If you find the pace too high please SPEAK UP so the speed can be adjusted or the route altered to get you home safely.
• Please do not underestimate the fitness required to ride in a a group at 12 mph.